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Mayank Foundation NGO launched ‘Each One Plant One’ campaign with daughters

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Ferozepur, July 2

Mayank Foundation a leading local NGO, has launched ‘Each One Plant One’ campaign with daughters with a message to plant tree during this rainy season and take care of it like a child, said Deepak Sharma, Founder.

He said, the trees are very important in our life. Because of them we are able to live on this earth. Trees and plants are said to give life. Today the atmosphere has become polluted, people do not get pure oxygen which has an adverse effect on human health. Our environment is getting polluted.

Deepak said, today, rapid urbanization is taking place in the country, due to which a large amount of trees are being cut. Human beings may have to face many problems in the coming future. We all should pay special attention to this and keep our environment clean. We should plant trees and make other people more aware of this so that the environment remains clean. If everyone is more aware of this then in fact our environment can be green. We all should pay special attention towards planting saplings in our lives, to avoid spread a\of any kind of pollution.

Like every year, Mayank Foundation started its ‘each one plant one’ campaign. The special thing about this campaign was that it was started in the hands of daughters. The organization has set a target of planting saplings in 2021 in 2021 and to start with, various types of saplings were planted in the local Golden Enclave Park, he added.

Giving a word of advice, a senior member Manoj Gupta said, we should stop deforestation, plant trees, it is in our own interest and advantage. We should not spread pollution and plant trees to save our environment, we should also make others aware of planting trees, only then we can fulfill this purpose of Go Green.

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