Health inspector accused of embezzling Rs1.5 crore, made video on canal while attempting suicide

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Sirsa, June 1

During the Corona epidemic in Sirsa, a new twist has come in the case of cutting challans for those who do not wear masks and embezzlement of about 1.5 crores. A video of Health Inspector Devendra Monga has gone viral, in which he is accusing the Deputy CMO, an account officer and a clerk of harassing him. In the one-minute video, Health Inspector Devendra Monga, claiming himself innocent, gave a suicide warning. After this video surfaced, teams of police have started the search.

In fact, on Monday afternoon, on the mobile phone of the son of Health Inspector Devendra Monga of Sirsa, a call was received from the Police Station Incharge of Bharatgarh, Punjab. He told that your car is parked near Bhakra Canal. There is a suicide note in it. Shoes and mobile are also lying. Looks like someone has committed suicide. We are looking for him. You come on the spot. After this it was learned that Monga has also made a video and shared it. He made this video in his car, which is standing on the bridge of the canal. Water is seen flowing in the canal behind. The Health Inspector has also sent a suicide note to his son’s mobile number.

Suicide note sent to son, wrote this thing

Here, the suicide note sent on the son’s WhatsApp also reiterated that he was ill. Hence he could not respond to the notice. He had given medical leave, in which on June 3, he was asked to provide answers and complete accounts. Despite that, Dr. Pramod Sharma, Rajesh Bhardwaj and Premchand AO defame him. These people have been harassing me since the year 2020. Terrorists also speak. They wanted to take away the charge of the store from me, so I was being harassed. Let us inform here that in Civil Hospital, Dr. Pramod Sharma is on the post of Deputy CMO, while Rajesh Bhardwaj is working as Clerk and Premchand is working as AO. ASI Kewal Singh, in-charge of Ropar police outpost Bharatgarh, said that due to the possibility of suicide, the police are searching at the head of the canal. Families have been informed.

Said it in a one minute live video I was disturbed by Devendra Monga Health Inspector’s office, Dr. Pramod Sharma, Rajesh Bhardwaj and Premchand AO harassed me for taking charge by deliberately harassing me. A case of embezzlement was made against me. I had talked about presenting the record on the 3rd, but before that they defamed me in the society through media by making statements against me. With that I can neither go to family nor home, so I am ending my life, thank you.

The amount was to be deposited in the account of 2210 Head There was a lockdown in the state on 24 March 2020, after which the government, taking strictness, issued instructions to deduct challans of people roaming without masks. The responsibility of deducting the challan in the district was entrusted to the police, while the payment was to be deposited in the account of 2210 head of the health department. Its responsibility was entrusted to a health inspector of the department. The traffic police has claimed to have deposited the payment according to the receipt book, but the health inspector who was entrusted with the responsibility of accounting for it.

What did Deputy CMO Pramod Sharma say? Deputy CMO Pramod Sharma says that anyone can make allegations. I have nothing to do. A letter was definitely written on the orders of the CMO to submit the records. Other than that, I never spoke to him.

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