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Man helps eagle drink water from bottle in viral video

The Fact News Service,
New Delhi, May 25,
video of a man helping an eagle drink water from a bottle is doing the rounds of the internet and has gone viral on social media. Buitengebieden, a Twitter account that posts heartwarming videos, shared the 20-second clip and it has been viewed over 51,000 times so far. The video appears to have been filmed on a highway as the man was seen pouring water from a bottle into the eagle’s mouth. Two other boys watched on, in the meantime. The eagle quenched its thirst as it drank to its heart’s content. “Thirsty eagle thank you,” reads the caption of the post. The video has gone viral on social media as it collected over 4,000 likes. Social media users were delighted and thanked the man for helping the eagle. “Thanks to these people for caring,” a user said. Another comment reads, “Wonderful and so sweet.” Several other users also posted heart emoticons in the comments section. Source:(Internet)

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