Maharashtra: Gas leak at chemical unit, people face breathing problem

The Fact News Service
Maharashtra, June 4

A gas leak occurred at a chemical factory at Badlapur in Maharashtra’s Thane district, due to which a number of people living around the unit faced difficulty in breathing for a few hours, an official said on Friday. The incident took place late Thursday night and the leakage was plugged within an hour, he said.

“The gas leak was reported around 10.22 pm at the factory in Shirgaon MIDC of Badlapur (East). A chemical reaction due to the overheating of sulfuric acid and benzyl acid led to the incident,” Santosh Kadam, chief of the Regional Disaster Management Cell of Thane Municipal Corporation said. “As a result, residents living in three km area around the factory complained of breathing problem and irritation in eyes for a few hours,” he said.

According to a daily, a fire brigade personal said, “On Thursday, the two chemicals had overheated and emitted fumes, which spread across the entire area. The gas is not hazardous but residents found it difficult to breathe and developed an itchy eyes cough. We reached the spot and immediately and started the reactor cooling machine to control the temperature of the chemicals. We started making emergency announcements in the area asking residents to stay in their home. We’ll also investigate the matter in detail and take necessary action against the company for negligence.”

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