Ludhiana : Farmer Sher Singh cultivates 150 acres of land without straw

The Fact News Service

Ludhiana, October 17

Sher Singh is a progressive farmer from village Sasrali Colony, District Ludhiana. Under the guidance of Punjab Agriculture Department, this farmer has been cultivating crops in an area of ​​150 acres without straw.

Farmer Sher Singh said that he used to cultivate in the traditional way but with the encouragement of the officials of the agriculture department he has returned to environment friendly farming. He has also engaged farmers of different age groups so that they too can abandon the traditional practice of burning straw and adopt scientific farming.

The enterprising farmer said that he has been cultivating crops in his field for the last few years without burning straw with the help of Happy Cedar which acts as organic matter in his field. He owns a total of 50 acres and has 100 acres of land on contract.

Sher Singh further said that he was also interested in and participating in various schemes run by the government for the benefit of the farmers. The farmer said that he himself understands the importance of limited use of pesticides, limited use of fertilizers and friendly farming pests in agriculture and also motivates his fellow farmers.

Sher Singh said that he was cultivating wheat, paddy, carrot, turmeric, maize etc. The farmer is also an animal lover and does dairy work at the same time for which he has opened a Namdhari Dairy Farm and the people of Namdhari Society of different age groups support Sher Singh for this work. Sher Singh said that he has about 100 cows from which he gets 300 liters of milk daily.

Sharing another piece of information, Sher Singh said that he has been associated with Atma Scheme for a long time. He is also known as a farmer friend of Circle Khwaja and is also a member of the Block Farmers Advisory Committee.

The farmer is very industrious and would like to present a positive figure with his love for the society regarding scientific and traditional methods of farming. The farmer has also participated in the International Farmers Fair held at Chapparchiri (Mohali) in the year 2014-15. Sher Singh thinks that agriculture can be successful in this age if it is done scientifically under the supervision of experts.