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Lockheed Martin, General Motors Team to Further Lunar Exploration with Autonomous Moon Rover

The Fact News Service,
May 26,
Lockheed Martin and General Motors have teamed up to design the next generation of lunar rovers, capable of transporting astronauts across farther distances on the lunar surface. Unlike the Apollo days when the rovers only traveled four miles from the landing site, Artemis astronauts will go farther and explore more of the Moon’s surface than ever before to conduct critical scientific research. This type of mobility is a huge step or a giant leap toward enabling and sustaining long-term exploration of the lunar surface. The science that Artemis astronauts will conduct will help NASA better understand the fundamental planetary processes underlying our solar system and will help us better understand and protect Earth. Not only will these vehicles be well-equipped to go the distance, but they will also be driver optional. Autonomous, self-driving systems would enable the vehicle to operate with or without humans on board and pave the way for future human missions, commercial payload services, and enhanced scientific utility. A Lockheed Martin-GM rover would be able to preposition itself autonomously near a landing site prior to the astronauts’ arrival, and astronauts would have the ability to task the rover from the Human Landing System or the orbiting lunar Gateway to conduct science operations without a driver. This enables NASA to fit more science into a smaller amount of time and allows us to uncover the critical information that the other 95% of the lunar surface may hold. Source:(Internet)

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