Lockdown helps South Korea in controlling coronavirus growth

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Seoul [South Korea], Mar 30 (ANI): South Korea was one of the first countries to impose draconian measures of lockdown which has eventually helped the country in handling the coronavirus crisis which has claimed the lives of nearly 30,000 people globally.
Meanwhile, South Korea has comparatively fewer cases than several countries hit by coronavirus infection. It gas reported 9,538 cases and 152 casualties.
The outbreak in South Korea has been gradually slowing after it recorded hundreds of new infections each day and once became the second hardest-hit country in the world earlier this month.
According to The Travel, the reason for this downfall of cases in South Korea is the actions taken by the government. The government spurned into action immediately.
South Korea was able to heal at a much faster rate than other countries by setting up testing centers immediately, evaluating passengers flying to the airports, ordering residents to self-isolate right away, and tracking those with confirmed cases of the virus.
South Korea has instilled pop-up testing centers and drive-thru clinics, where they were able to test up to twenty thousand citizens per day. Proudly, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considered the country to have acted "like an Army." They also isolated patients at a much faster rate.
South Korea initiated a central tracking app called the "Corona 100m" that would inform the general public of a confirmed case that was 100 meters away from where they currently were. (ANI)

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