Lifeguard saves girl from drowning in Chandigarh’s Sector 56 swimming pool

Chandigarh, June 22
A major incident was averted at the Sector 56 swimming pool, which is run under the supervision of the UT Sports Department, on Monday evening. A 12-year-old girl fell unconscious while coming out of the pool. She was pulled out by a lifeguard and given a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The girl was later rushed to a private hospital in Mohali and has been under observation in the ICU since then. Sources said twin sisters, who were regular at the pool, were playing in the shallow waters of the pool. While leaving the pool, the younger sister suddenly fell back. Reacting to this, the lifeguard rushed to save her and pulled her out of the water. “There was water in her lungs and also a minor bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital and she is under observation at the ICU. The doctors will keep her under observation for 72 hours,” said a senior official, seeking anonymity. Officials claimed that the girl’s parents had hidden her medical history. However, the Director Sports and the girl’s parents were unavailable to comment on the issue. “The two sisters are regular at the pool and come with their parents. On Monday, they were alone inside the pool. One of their parents was present at the complex. Soon after the incident, her father, who was on phone, was informed,” added the official.