Lake formed at point of Uttarakhand glacier break

New Delhi, February 13
The point at which a glacier broke off in the mountains and crashed into a river before sliding down a valley in Uttarakhand is seen in exclusive visuals from ground zero of the disaster. The visuals show the river Rishiganga has been blocked by the landslide and a lake has formed at the spot in Chamoli, which could cause more damage. On Sunday, the glacier hurtled down at a great speed, destroying structures including power projects on its path and leaving more than 30 dead and 200 missing. A 20 to 30 metre high sediment is visible in the area. Most of it was washed away by the glacier, flowing with the raging waters that slammed into the Tapovan hydro project, a tunnel, and bridges. Hope is fading for those feared trapped under the debris and rescuers are racing against time to reach them.
(Story sourced through agencies.)