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A huge omelette guess with how many eggs, read to know the number

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October 27

Day after day, we come across strange food recipes that leave us spellbound. The last to catch the eye is a huge omelet made of 60 eggs. The viral video shows a Korean street food vendor making the omelet from scratch early in the day to display and sell to customers all day at a small restaurant. The recipe for the giant omelet went viral shortly after its publication, and the chef’s craft was appreciated by amused viewers.

As per reports in Newstube The chef first breaks the 60 eggs into a large bowl and whips them with a generous seasoning of salt. Then he adds chopped green onion leaves, grated carrots, chopped onions and pieces of meat before cooking the omelet on a flat pan. He makes several layers of the omelet which is finally rolled into a large brick. Best part of the video is how he cuts the sliced ​​omelet block with beautiful layers appearing perfectly in all the slices. Each slice is packaged in a container and placed in the window shelf in front of the restaurant.

The viral video was posted to the ‘Yummy Boy’ YouTube channel and was captioned: “Street food in depth and not boring!” 

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)

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