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Kejriwal makes big announcement for teachers in Punjab

Amritsar , November 23

Ahead of the Punjab Assembly elections, AAP National Convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced an eight-point poll plank to transform the education sector in the state, including regularizing the services of contract teachers.

Addressing media persons, Kejriwal said, “Today, I am here to discuss issues pertaining to teachers. I met a few teachers yesterday. They told me that they are earning Rs 10,000 per month. This is way below the minimum wage in Delhi. I promise the services of the teachers would be regularized immediately after the AAP forms government in the state.”

He further said, “The AAP will implement a transfer policy for teachers. They will be appointed to schools of their choice. No teachers can work with an upset and disturbed mind.”

The Delhi CM also said, “Teachers are made to do anything but teaching. This is the condition of the entire nation. I want to promise that the teachers will be made to teach students. They won’t be allowed to carry out Census, data entry work at government offices, etc.”

Kejriwal further said, “If the AAP forms the government in the state, then it will fill up the vacancies on an immediate basis after the test,” adding that the teachers will be sent to foreign countries, IIMs and IITs to improve their skills.

He also added that the teachers would be given timely promotions. “Several teachers are working at the same position for many years and earn a minimal salary. This will be changed.”

Lastly, he said that all teachers will be provided cashless medical treatment facilities.

He said, “Teachers are responsible for the reforms in the Delhi government schools. I invite all teachers to come together and let us change the education system in the State.”

Punjab will go to polls early next year.