Kamala Harris first vogue cover creates controversy

The Fact News Service

January 12

When Kamala Harris became the first female Vice-President-elect of the United States, she became a symbol of hope, inspiration and empowerment for all young girls dreaming of creating a space for themselves in male-dominated positions.

Therefore, her cover with a magazine, as first woman and woman of colour holding such a high political position, was supposed to be ground-breaking. However, it is drawing a collective chorus of disappointment from netizens.

In the cover, Harris is seen wearing an espresso-coloured blazer, black pants and Converse sneakers in front of pink and green background. Pink and green are the colours of Harris’ college sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. She is in her usual style. However, netizens accused that it does not represent someone that is going to take the second-highest federal position in the United States.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)