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Joe Biden took oath of presidency in a dignified event

Harjap Singh Aujla

The term of office of the American President is four years. On the first Tuesday of November, barring the first day of the month, in every leap year the election of American President is held.

Barring President Franklin D. Roosevelt, no American President has enjoyed more than two terms. Each state has its own rules for election and each state certifies the winner in its own way. The result of election is not determined by the popular votes only, the winner or loser is determined by the majority of votes in the electoral college. America has 438 members of the lower house of the parliament (House of Representatives), each one has one vote. But in the upper chamber (the Senate) accords equal weight to every state big and small. Each state has two senators and each state has two electoral college seats assigned to its senator. Entire college consists of 538 votes, any candidate getting 270 electoral college votes or more is the winner. In the election held in 2020, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden received 306 electoral college votes against 232 votes polled by his Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Due to Donald Trump’s intransigence, a violent mob consisting of hundreds of his die-hard supporters staged a resurrection on 6th of January 2021, the day the election result was to be officially certified by the electoral college. The mob was obviously instigated by the defeated President Donald Trump and they ransacked the Capitol Hill Building complex (the seat of the American Parliament), the proceedings of the parliament were disrupted for hours. The elected members were whisked away to safe vaults. Even the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence was hidden by the police in the basement for hours. As a result five persons died, including one police officer. This extreme act of defiance and violence was condemned by the lower house. The outgoing president was un-precedently impeached for the second time during his first term. Such a situation demanded unusual security measures. The national guards and army units were deployed all over Washington D.C. and in all the fifty states.

But life must go on. Come what may, rain or snow, the new president was to be sworn in on the 20th of January 2021. Though the crowds were thinner, but the oath taking was as dignified as ever. Seventy eight year old Joe Biden was administered oath of office and he entered the White House, the office cum residence of every American President. Prior to that Donald Trump vacated the White House and flew to his new home in Florida in the official presidential jet.

On assumption of office Joe Biden has a massive agenda. He has to join the Paris climatic change accord. He has to be active in the World Health Organization to control the Corona pandemic. He has to reverse the curbs on immigration and improve relations with Mexico and Canada and the European Union. For India, he has to increase the quota for H-1 B visa.

(the author is the senior advisor with the Fact News )