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Job crisis: Postgraduate in Sociology forced to work as labourer

New Delhi, May 31
India is battling the worst health crisis in decades and desperate appeals on social media are drawing huge attention. A heartbreaking plea was put out on Twitter on Sunday by a man who said that he has been unable to find work amid Covid restrictions. He has been forced to take up odd jobs despite having a postgraduate degree in Sociology. “Please help me to get any work. It’s so hard to survive due to lockdown. Since lockdown, I have not been able to even get any labour work in the unorganised sector. Merely sustenance seems too hard in this time. I’m ready to work as daily wage labour also. Please amplify,” reads a post from the Twitter user, who identifies himself as Vikash. “I am a sociology postgraduate from Ambedkar University Delhi. I can work as a driver also. Any lead will be immensely helpful. Thanks in advance (sic),” he wrote in another post. He even shared his resume that says he has a postgraduate degree in Sociology and he is pursuing M.A. in English Literature. Hundreds of people responded to the post. Some shared opportunities while others told him to “stay strong”. “This is really heartbreaking. I am sorry that you are going through such hard times. I have shared some contact details in your DM. Please check. I hope things will get better very soon. You are not alone!! Be strong. You are a meritorious person!!,” read a comment below the post.
“So so sorry for you. Hope you find a good job soon. Don’t worry. Good times will come (sic),” another user wrote.
One post read: “The lockdown consequences. Hope the ruling authorities realise the sufferings and misery what common people are going thro (sic).” Last year, one of the world’s toughest Covid lockdown in India had forced lakhs of migrant labourers to return to their villages from big cities. This year, as the country was hit by the second wave, many leaders yet again called for strict restrictions on movement. But some were of the view that may badly hit economy and lead to job losses.

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