Jeff Bridges shares promising update in his battle against cancer

Actor Jeff Bridges (Image Source: Instagram)

Washington [US], January 14 (ANI): Hollywood star Jeff Bridges took to his website recently and informed fans that his tumour has 'drastically shrunk', as he continues his fight against cancer.
According to E! News, the Academy Award-winning actor posted an uplifting message recently on his personal website and informed the public that doctors have found that his tumour has 'drastically shrunk'. This was a follow-up announcement after he was diagnosed with lymphoma back in October 2020.
Jeff posted, I go in for a CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumour, turns out it's working beautifully."
He continued, "The thing has drastically shrunk. I come home elated with the news."
He further pointed out that his mood changed as he had to grapple with the chaos going on at the United States Capitol. "I turn on the TV to find out what's going on in the world, and .... well ... I don't have to tell you what's goin' on."
As per E! News, the 'Country Strong' star had posted previous updates in recent weeks, and though none were as promising as this one, he has tended to do his best to stay optimistic in his fight against cancer. (ANI)