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Jalandhar launches special drive to tackle spread of dengue in hotspots: Ghanshyam Thori

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Jalandhar, October 13

In order to effectively combat the surge in Dengue cases, Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori has ordered mass awareness drives in hot spots falling in the district to motivate people to clear out stagnant water in premises of residential, streets and public places.

The Deputy Commissioner said that people must be educated about all breeding grounds of mosquitoes. He said that aedes aegypti mosquitoes breed in clear water and flower pots, refrigerator, coolers, tyres and bird feeders and other utensils are normal places besides stagnant water where breeding is found.

He said that as part of the drive, the MC along with health, Education, youth welfare and other departments would form joint teams to visit door to door for sensitizing the people about breeding grounds in the hot spots. He said that these teams would also carry awareness rallies in the major affected areas.

Further in the rural areas, the teams of Panchayat, health department, EOs, BDPOs would carry out awareness campaigns in all villages so as to sensitize rural folk against the ill-effects of this disease, he added. The DC said that district administration Jalandhar has launched a special drive to keep spread of dengue disease under check by adopting multi pronged strategy ranging from enforcement drive to awareness campaign in dengue hotspots adding that a list of dengue affected areas has also been circulated among the stakeholders for effective implementation of the government’s guidelines.

Pointing out further, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Urban Development) Himanshu Jain adopted a multipronged strategy the joint teams have been effectively carrying out enforcement tasks while students were undertaking awareness rallies in the hotspots. He further added that over 370 challans have been done so far besides detecting dengue mosquitoes in the district. He stated that the students were motivating the people to keep all water storage containers covered, besides removing old tyres, broken pots, and other crockery.  He also motivated the students that it is the social responsibility of all human beings to keep their surroundings clean and green.

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