Jalandhar: ‘Earn, don’t burn’ Farmers make money by selling paddy straw to the power generation plant

The Fact News Service

Jalandhar, October 6

With concerted efforts of the Jalandhar administration to offer alternatives to the farmers for motivating them to not to retort to the stubble burning, many farmers have found a way to earn money from the stubble they were burning and polluting the environment.

Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori said last year, the district had only 20 baler machines including rakes and this year, 12 more balers have been given to the farmers under the 50-per cent subsidy scheme of the government.

Thori added a six MW capacity electricity production unit established at Bir village, Nakodar is catering the straw management for 30000 acres and this plant is running 24-hours. He said that the plant has the capacity of 75000 ton of paddy straw.

Farmer Mandeep Singh of Kangna village said he has been selling around 20,000-quintal paddy straw to the electricity generation plant in Bir village, Nakodar and getting Rs 135 for per quintal after making bales of the straws.

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Surinder Singh said farmers would have to run reaper on the harvested field and afterwards rake, a small machine with baler would line up the scattered straw/stubble and finally, baler would start making bales.