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Deep Sidhu’s birthday in Delhi jail!

Niruktam Bijalwan, Journalist
Today is the birthday of Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu who came into the limelight during the Kisan Andolan. Deep Sidhu has been the subject of much discussion since the farmers’ agitation started last year. And under Republic Day Violence, he was arrested by Delhi Police and in present he is in jail. Deep Sidhu made headlines for talking about farmers’ issues and rights during the lockdown. Since then, he has been a big face of the farmer’s movement. But these days, Deep Sidhu is embroiled in many controversies. In fact, Deep Sidhu’s name came up in controversy over the January 26 riots at Delhi’s Red Fort and is in Delhi jail. If we talk about the pre-movement period, Deep Sidhu known as a model, actor, lawyer, and legal advisor. Deep Sidhu’s first film was Ramta Jogi but Sidhu has gained fame in acting after zora 10 numbriya. Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu was born on April 2, 1984 in the village Udekaran of Sri Muktsar Sahib. Deep Sidhu’s father is Surjit Singh, who is a lawyer by profession. Deep Sidhu himself is mastered in law. After practicing law for some time, he went to Kingfisher Model Hunt and won it, and then Sidhu started trying his luck in modeling and films. It is to be mentioned that Deep Sidhu’s relationship with Bollywood actor Dharmendra is deep. Dharmendra has also invested heavily in Sidhu’s film. Deep Sidhu had spent a lot of time in Sunny Deol’s election and at the same time came closer to Modi and the BJP, but soon their relationship soured when their differences over the farmers’ bill. While Sunny Deol was seen standing with his party, Deep Sidhu was also seen clarifying his intentions. Deep Sidhu said in several interviews that he had explained a lot to Sunny Deol but he could not understand what he was saying. Sunny Dole, who has been on Twitter, said he did not want to have any relationship with Deep Sidhu and was not in touch with him. Deep Sidhu has been said to be very close and secretive of the Deol family, even though this peasant struggle has soured their relationship. While he has been found guilty for spreading violence in Delhi’s Red Fort on January 26 on a jail in Delhi, the farmers’ organizations do not like him either. Today, while millions of directions have been made by farmers’ organizations, Deep Sidhu has been confined to social media only, now is the time to tell if something will happen or not.