ISI’s top officer in Balochistan dies of COVID-19

Brig. Hassan Afzal, ISI's top officer in Balochistan

Quetta [Pakistan], June 21 (ANI): A senior officer of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) posted in Balochistan, Brig. Hassan Afzal, has died due to COVID-19 on Saturday.
Sources reveal that Brig. Hassan was the sector commander of the ISI and his death is due to the complete absence of medical facilities in the troubled province of Pakistan.
Balochistan has reported over 9,000 Corona cases which experts say will surge in the coming months. The least developed province in Pakistan, Balochistan has no super-speciality hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.
Dr Saleem Abro, Director General health Balochistan recently warned in a press conference that the cases could increase to over 100,000 within the next few months.
"From July to September we are expecting coronavirus cases to peak and the situation could become dangerous. About 40 percent of the population in the province is currently infected", Dr Abro told media.
He lamented the fact that even though health authorities had recommended a complete lockdown but their warnings were ignored with the lockdown converted to a "smart" lockdown.
Pakistan's coronavirus death toll reached 3,436, while the total number of infections jumped to 174,676 on Saturday. (ANI)