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Is Kejriwal ready to take the plunge for the top job of the country and is India ready to accept him?

Monish Behl
Political Strategist and Founder FACT News
Many predict him to be a formidable contender for the country’s top most job. If not now, then maybe some years later. And why not, he has factors which are in his favour. For one age is on his side, he is just 52, considered to be a very young for politics. And unlike many other opposition leaders who are aspiring for the top post he has won elections, run a successful tenure as a Chief Minister and proved his mettle. Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has proved it in the past and even in the recent times of pandemic of what it takes to be a decision maker and cater to the needs of the mass. So is he ready to take the plunge for the topmost job of the country? His followers say it is the right time and his detractors contend saying he is not the team player that a diverse country like India needs and does not have pan India image as of now. There is no denying that the Delhi Chief Minister has proved his mettle as a leader when he got his third emphatic victory as the CM of Delhi. And the way he had delivered his victory speech after the emphatic win is an indication of not only his thought process and ambitions but also probably a alternate that Indians could ponder about. Kejriwal said, “It is the beginning of new kind of politics today. This is very auspicious message for the country and the politics of work can only take our country to the 21st century.” He asserted it was the victory for Bharat Mata and peddling the lines of soft Hindutva he had also thanked Lord Hanuman for victory on a Tuesday. A combination that probably urban India would appreciate and rural India would relate to. And with Congress being ready to play the second fiddle to any regional party which is up against the BJP it cannot be a better chance for Kejriwal to cash on in this situation. ‘Corruption free government’ was a slogan that had caught the fancy of the people and they are ready to wait for Kejriwal to get ready for the top job and take the plunge. His party has already made their presence felt in Punjab and will be posing a tough challenge to the Congress again in the forthcoming assembly elections scheduled in the state. If Punjab goes the AAP way, Kejriwal will be a tough challenger for the 2024 elections and people might be ready to give him and his party a chance. Only time will tell what is in store. But he is someone who is here to stay and whose presence cannot be ignored.

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