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IPS officer complains ‘Biwi jalebi nahi khaane deti’ in tweet, see how his wife replied

Tamil Nadu, July 22

It comes as no surprise that Indians are dessert lovers and indulge in ‘mithais’ whenever they can. A new tweet is currently going viral and being shared online of a Tamil Nadu police officer who shared his pain with his followers of not being able to eat ‘jalebis’.

In his post, the IPS officer named Sandeep Mittal wrote that when he was a child, he used to love ‘jalebis’ which cost 25 paise then. He also shared how he dreamed of eating 3-4 ‘jalebis’ every day once he grew up and earned. However, his dream remained incomplete in adulthood as well as his wife didn’t allow him to eat sweets.

IPS officer Sandeep Mittal wrote, “During childhood, a big jalebi cost 25 paise. I used to think that after growing up, I would earn and eat three or four jalebis daily. Now even after earning, my wife doesn’t allow me to eat Jalebi.”

Netizens were so amused by the tweet that they started sharing the same on social media extensively. Many lauded the IPS officer for his witty sense of humour, however, what took the cake was his wife Dr Richa Mittal’s reply to her husband’s tweet.

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