Interstate gang of telephone cable thieves arrested in Ludhiana

The Fact News Service
Ludhiana, April 7
Ludhiana police have successfully arrested 8 members of the interstate gang of telephone cable thieves. They have confessed to have committed similar crimes in Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar. Divulging details about the modus Operandi of the gang Commissioner of Police Ludhiana Rakesh Agrawal said that the accused used to do recce of the area to find out copper-based BSNL underground cables. They used to make and carry fake authority letters of BSNL to pose as BSNL official employees on duty so that they are not suspected by anybody. Then they used to steal the underground cables during the nighttime by cutting the wires and sometimes by digging out the cables with the help of JCB machines and cranes. They used to load the stolen wires on mini trucks and sell them by taking out copper to the scrap dealers and Kabariya in Delhi. It was found that Sanjit Barman and Rajinder are the leaders of this 11 member gang. The gang used to come from Delhi for committing thefts and they used to stay in some hotels near the bus stand and railway station. The leaders used to do the recce for few days and then commit theft during night with the help of rest of the other members. As per the BSNL Authorities, the cost of loss to this govt teleservice provider is to the tune of many Crores. They have admitted having done these thefts in the areas of Focal Point, Bus stand, Mall Road, Sahnewal etc in Ludhiana and other cities like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ambala. Eight accused arrested includes Mohammad Anwar s/o Bilal R/o district Araria, Bihar, Mohammad Ishtikaar s/o Ghadoos Mohammad r/o district Araria, Bihar, Nadeem Mohammad s/o Illmudin r/o district Araria, Bihar , Mohammad Hanaan s/o Illmudin r/o district Araria, Bihar, Mohammad Khalid s/o Mohammad Habib r/o district Araria, Bihar, Pappu s/o Rafiq r/o district Araria, Bihar , Ajit Barman s/o Prabhat Barman r/o dist Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Rohit Kumar s/o Khajan r/o Delhi Police have recovered One Bolero pickup Car, fake Authority letter of BSNL, reflector jackets, helmets, Digging and cutting Instruments and many kilos of cable wire from them. So far they have confessed to committing 9 theft cases in Ludhiana Jalandhar and Amritsar. Police have taken their remand to interrogate them thoroughly.