Indore: 32 patients died of black fungus in a hospital within 20 days

The Fact News Service
Indore, June 2
In the last 20 days, 32 patients have died at the government-run Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital here amid rising cases of black fungus (mucorrhoea). A senior hospital official said this on Wednesday. It may be mentioned here that the government Maharaja Yashwantrao is the busiest hospital in the state for the treatment of black fungus, where patients from other districts besides Indore are also admitted. The president of the hospital, Dr. “The first black fungus patient was admitted to our hospital on May 13 and so far a total of 439 patients have been admitted,” Thakur said. Of these, 84 have been discharged after treatment, while 32 patients have died. According to the president of the hospital, we have operated on more than 200 people in the last 20 days to save the lives of black fungus patients. There are currently 323 patients with black fungus. Of these, 14 have contracted Kovid-19, while 301 have developed black fungus after recovering from the epidemic. Statistics show that 93 percent of patients became infected with the black fungus after being free of the Covid-19 virus. Indore is the worst affected district in Covid-19 in Madhya Pradesh. According to official figures, a total of 1,50,516 epidemic patients have been found in the district with a population of about 35 lakh since March 24, 2020. Of these, 1,347 have died during treatment.

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