‘India’s future needs for the present Modi ‘system’ to be shaken out of sleep’- Rahul Gandhi

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, May 18
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has consistently attacking Modi government over the corona virus. Rahul Gandhi has said that for the future of the country, it is necessary to wake up the present Modi ‘system’ from sleep. He wrote by tweeting, “In the time to come, children will need protection from Corona. Pediatric services and vaccine-treatment protocol should already be in place. India’s future needs for the present Modi ‘system’ to be shaken out of sleep”. On Monday, Rahul Gandhi accused the central government of failing to deal with the Corona crisis and standing with the public, and said that he have great gratitude to those heroes who have dedicated themselves to serve others. He tweeted, “While GOI has failed not just in managing Covid crisis but also in standing with the people, there are numerous individual stories of strength & altruism everyday. Immense gratitude to these heroes dedicated to serving others and showing the world what India truly stands for”. Also, Rahul Gandhi alleged in another tweet that, ‘There’s a lot common between PM Cares ventilator and the PM himself: – too much false PR, – don’t do their respective jobs, – nowhere in sight when needed!’.

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