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Indian-origin train operator hailed as hero for saving man pushed onto subway tracks

The Fact News Service,
New Delhi, May 29,
Tobin Madathil, 29, a train driver in New York stopped the train he was operating recently and saved an Asian man who was pushed onto the tracks in an apparent hate crime incident. The 29-year-old man said he noticed the commotion and as he was pulling into the 21st Street-Queensbridge station . When he thought he saw something in his path, the quick-thinking operator managed to stop his F train about 30-feet from a man who was pushed onto the tracks at a Queens subway. Right when I was coming into the station people were waving at me, and that’s when I immediately placed the train into emergency mode,” Madathil said daily. “I’m glad I was able to stop on time and didn’t hit the guy, thank God!” he said. The local authorities said that the victim, a 35-year-old man was standing on the southbound platform “when the perpetrator approached him from behind, muttered something to him, and shoved him onto the tracks. He is said to be between 20-30 years old, about 6 feet tall, and was wearing all-black attire including a face mask, hoodie, pants, and shoes on the day of the attack. The law enforcement agency’s Anti-Hate Taskforce too tweeted to urge people to identify the perpetrator. Like other transit systems across the country.  The MTA is experiencing a significant dip in ridership and a spike in crime. We continue to call on the de Blasio administration to partner with us and do more to address subway incidents and the ongoing mental health crisis in the city,” a spokesperson shared in a statement. Source:(Internet)

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