India will get herd immunity in next three weeks: Dr Ravi Godse

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, June 2
Dr Ravi Godse, world famous Internal Medicine specialist from USA held a live session on Sunday with Dr HK Kharbanda, Ex Assistant Professor and Homeopath of Chandigarh. Godse, who is keeping a close watch on the state of COVID-19 in India with his precise and scientific observations, said that the herd immunity will come in India in three weeks and the virus will be on back foot. The third wave is optional and chances of its arrival also are very low. Even if it comes, there will be no severity in the children, the percentage of affected children in the first wave and second wave is equal, the Indian and British variants were just more contagious, explained Godse. He further said that from the first wave those who developed immunity remained safe in the second wave. He further explained that if a zero survey is conducted today in India, as many as 40 percent Indians have already developed immunity and as soon as 16 percent gets vaccinated, there will be herd immunity in India.  

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