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Illegal construction continues in Nayagaon, Mohali

The Fact News Service,
Mohali, May 22,
The Illegal construction in Nayagaon adjoining Chandigarh has not stopped. The multi-storeyed buildings are being sold to the people by the builders on government land. Now the case of an illegal multi-story commercial building has come up in Vikas Nagar of Nayagaon. Which was being built on government land.  The building work has been stopped by the city council. But by the time the council officials got a glimpse of the construction of this building, by then the building was ready for five floors.  The city council has asked the concerned builder to complete the construction of the building within a week.  If the builder is not successful in giving information, action will be taken against him by the council. The building is five-storeyed with a basement also built. No permission has been taken to build the basement.  In Nayagaon, where this building is being built, there is a dense population nearby. City Council Executive Officer Jagjit Singh Shahi said that the work has been stopped after the problem has come. The executive officer said that where there is government land, there are boards on it. Keep in mind that Nayagaon has the highest number of illegal constructions. The registries were also banned by the government in Nayagaon last year. Loans were also stopped from banks. Council officials said that people buy land thoughtfully in Nayagaon and gather complete information before investing.

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