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Ill-timed and ill-conceived visit of PM to Ferozepur was not in conformity with dignity of Punjab’s social ethos: Bir Devinder

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, January 6

Former deputy speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha termed the visit of PM Modi as ill-timed and ill-conceived.

He said, “The ill-timed and ill-conceived visit of the Prime Minister Narinder Modi to Ferozepur was not in conformity with the dignity of the social ethos of Punjab. The Prime Minister, PMO and the central intelligence agencies have colossally failed to assess the immeasurable hatred and anger in the minds of the farmers of Punjab, against Modi and the BJP.”

He added that the farmers’ organizations perceive Modi as the prime conspirator who introduced three anti-farmer draconian laws to destroy the entire agriculture sector to commercially benefit his sponsors the big corporates; such as Adani’s and the Ambani’s.

Bir Devidner slammed Modi on agri laws by saying that, “The deep-rooted conspiracy is evident from the fact that Modi took oath as Prime Minister for his second inning on 30th of May 2019 and quite ironically, its pertinent to mention here, that the same evening Prime Minister calls the Fifth Governing Council Meeting of the NITI Aayog with premeditated agenda at Sr. No. 4. as follows;

Transforming Agriculture: Need for Structural Reforms with Special emphasis on: Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act and Essential Commodities Act (ECA).”

He added, “Vital decision was taken impacting the entire Agriculture Sector, without consulting any of the stakeholders of agriculture experts/Agriculture Economists or even the farmers organizations. Ordinances were promulgated with indecent haste and later replaced by the Acts of the Parliament.”

He said that more than 700 volunteers from Punjab alone have lost their lives during the Kisan Morcha. The Government of India was ultimately forced to repeal the black laws but the issue of MSP still remains unresolved in the absence of statutory backing. It is only that three farm laws have been repealed but the bigger basic issues of the farming community and the farm labor are far from its tangible resolution, said Bir Devinder.

“So, in the backdrop of the above volatile situation, how was it desirable for the Prime Minister to visit Punjab to hold a political rally at Ferozepur? Farmers families, who lost their dear ones did not get any sober closer to their

losses? They are angry because the Government of India has even brazenly refused to acknowledge the number of deaths of the Volunteers of the various farmers unions during the yearlong struggle. How could the BJP or Prime Minister expect people of Punjab to swallow such bitter pills and offer red carpet reception to the PM, who happens to be the prime conspirator to destroy the entire agriculture sector of India ?,” said the former deputy speaker.

He also said that hopelessly thin gathering at the site of the rally was certainly the cause of the hasty retreat of the PM to Bhatinda Airport for his back-home journey. Farmers organization deserves appreciation for organizing legitimate demonstrations at various places in Punjab to highlight the betrayal of the pending farmers issue. The widespread anger and anguish of the farmers would also serve as a wake-up call to all those farm unions who are seemingly desperate to try their debut in the forthcoming assembly elections, he said.