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IK Gujral PTU promotes deputy registrar from due date with consequential benefits as Punjab SC commission intervened

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, November 18


As Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes intervened, IK Gujral Punjab Technical University (PTU) has promoted its Deputy Registrar from the due date of promotion four years ago besides providing him consequential benefits.

 Giving information, Gyan Chand, Member, Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes said that Deputy Registrar Dr. Sandeep Mahimi had filed complaint with the commission stating that he had joined University as an Assistant Registrar on May 28, 2010 and promoted to the post of Deputy Registrar with effect from May 28, 2019 after completion of 9 years of service as an Assistant Registrar, while before his appointment to till date, there is a norm of promotion on completion of 5 years of service for officers and accordingly university has promoted many officers on completion of 5 years of service. However, despite availability of SC category officers in the University and his fulfilling of required qualifications for the promotion, no SC category officer has been promoted on completion of 5 years of service. He mentioned that this anomaly has adversely affected his career and requested the commission to consider his case for promotion at par with other officers of the University.

 Acting on the complaint, under Section 10 (2) of the Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes Act-2004, an inquiry report on the complaint was sought from the concerned. After scrutinizing the entire record, the complaint was found to be correct as the complainant had to be promoted after 5 years according to the university rules.

 The Commission directed the Vice Chancellor of the University to give promotion to the complainant with consequential benefits from May 28, 2015 in view of the delay in promotion as per the rules. Gyan Chand informed that appearing before the Commission; Deputy Registrar Davinder Singh informed that university has passed ordered by which Dr.  Mahimi has been given promotion from the due date falls four year ago i.e. May 28, 2015 with consequential benefits.