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ICMR approves MyLab’s Rapid Antigen Test kit ‘Coviself’ for testing Covid-19 at home

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New Delhi, May 20
Council of Medical Research of India (ICMR) has approved a kit called Coviself for home coronavirus testing (Covid-19 Home Test Kit). People can now test for Covid by bringing a Rapid Antigen Test Kit (RAT) at home for just Rs 250 and it will report the results in just 15 minutes. However, the ICMR has also issued an advisory for the probe, advising not to investigate in vain. ICMR said that the Rapid Antigen Test Kit is developed by Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions Limited. The organization says that only people who have symptoms of Covid-19 should use it or if someone have come in contact with an infected person. A statement from ICMR said, “All people who test positive can really be considered corona positive and there is no need to test again and again”. “The test kit will be available in a week,” said Hasmukh Rawal, MD, Mylab Discovery Solutions. It took us 5 months to develop this product. We have kept it at Rs 250 per kit, which includes tax. “The kit is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use and is not biohazard,” he said. It comes with a safety bag, in which you can dispose of the kit after use. “A positive test will take 5 to 7 minutes and a negative test will take a maximum of 15 minutes,” he said. According to the report, the test kit will come with a pre-filled extraction tube, a nasal swab, a test card and a safety bag. In addition, the person taking the test will have to download the Mylab Coviself app in their phone. How to use the kit at home? According to the user manual, insert the nozzle swab 2 to 4 cm into both nostrils. After that, rotate 5 times in both nostrils. Insert the swab into the pre-filled tube and break off the remaining swab. Close the lid of the tube. After pressing the tube on the test card, add one or two drops at a time and wait 15 minutes for the results. Any result after 20 minutes should be considered valid. The test card will have two parts. There will be a control section and a test section. If the bar appears only on the control part ‘C’, the result is negative. If the bar falls on both the control section and the test section (T), it means that the antigen has been detected and the test is positive. According to the ICMR statement, “All positive people are advised to be cared for at home and in accordance with ICMR and Ministry of Health regulations.”

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