Huge Play in Mustard Oil Prices in Haryana

The Fact News Service,
Panchkula, May 26,
Mustard oil prices in Haryana have caused a lot of problems for consumers. Along with Corona, prices of mustard oil also rose in the state. Actually, a big ‘game’ is also coming out in the whole matter. This ‘game’ of mustard oil prices has dampened traders and hoarders, but people are suffering. When prices started skyrocketing, the government tightened and mustard prices have come down by Rs 850 per quintal, but the price of oil in the market remains unchanged. Along with hoarders, the wholesale and retail traders also indulged in profiteering and the brunt of this has been suffered by the consumers. This is the first time that wholesale and retail traders are making profits of up to Rs 10-20 per kg on mustard oil. Earlier, wholesalers used to earn not more than two rupees on an average, and retail traders four to five rupees per kilogram. Wholesalers are currently selling mustard oil at Rs 150 per kg and it is selling at Rs 170 per kg in the retail market. Now, due to the strictness of the government, mustard oil is being sold in the market at Rs 6500 per quintal, even then the price of mustard oil in the market is Rs 170 per kg. Transportation, crushing, and other expenses are around Rs 100 per quintal. After crushing the oil producer makes a profit of about four hundred rupees per quintal on mustard. Bishan Chand explains that even during the Covid period, the rate of transport remained normal, so it cannot be said that there has been more expenditure on transportation. Presently, the oil producer or wholesaler sells mustard oil for Rs 150 and Khal Rs 28-29 per kg in the market. He used to get Rs 160 when the price of mustard was Rs 7350 per quintal.

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