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Huge cache of mobiles recovered from Ferozepur Central Jail

The Fact News Service
Ferozepur, November 21

In yet another seizure, the Ferozepur Central Jail authorities recovered a huge cache of as many as 21 mobiles, 6 chargers, 8 headphones, and two cables, on two days, thrown inside the jail over the high walls during from outside. With the posting of BSF official on deputation, as Jail Superintendent at Ferozepur jail, has started showing the dividends, with the recovery of mobiles within a short span.

The Central Jail is surrounded by residential areas and there had been a number of incidents of throwing packets containing banned items like mobiles, intoxicant items. In the past also there had been recoveries of banned items, by the vigilant jail staff.

Several residential and commercial establishments have come up in the vicinity posed a threat to the security arrangements of Central Jail. However, it has put a question mark on the security arrangements at the entry points of the jail. With the frequent recovery of mobiles from inside the jail, the purpose of keeping the inmates away from the outer world as punishment is lost. The mobiles provide inmates the ability to make and receive unauthorized phone calls, send email and text messages, use social media and follow news pertaining to their case among other forbidden uses.

Earlier, on November 16, 14 mobiles were recovered, too thrown from outside the jail. As per the information, 265 mobiles have been recovered during the year, almost every month – 7 in January, 13 in February, 25 in March, 5 on May, 20 in June, 33 in July, August 62, 35 in September, 31 in October and 49 in November including todays’ recovery.

On November 18, a packet wrapped with tape was thrown from outside the jail by an unidentified person, and in which on opening, 4 mobiles, without SIM cards and 2 chargers, and 3 headphones were recovered. Another cache of 17 mobiles, 4 charger lead, 5 headphones, and two cables were also recovered on the next day on November 19 thrown from outside and noticed by the patrolling jail staff in front of ward number 3.

Following a complaint by the Central Jail authorities, the Ferozepur police have registered a case against an unidentified person under 52-A Prisons Act.

Surinder Singh Jail Superintendent said, we do follow up the recoveries but so far no tracking information has been given by the police to the jail authorities. However, our staff will continue to keep a strict vigil on the activities in the premises to make the jail mobile-free and disciplined jail.