Hockey India joins World Masters Hockey

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New Delhi [India], Mar 9 (ANI): Hockey India on Monday joined 38 other National Associations across the globe as a member of the World Masters Hockey (WMH).
Hockey India also appointed former Indian skipper RP Singh as the convener of the Hockey India Masters Committee and Harbinder Singh as the chairman of the Committee in order to carry out the responsibilities and oversee the activities.
The WMH is recognised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and is responsible for organising International Masters hockey globally.
"This is a great initiative that will help provide opportunities for all age groups and both genders to continue their passion for hockey and remain active in the sport," said president of Hockey India Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad in a statement.
"Aligned with the projects undertaken by WMH, Hockey India will plan events that will boost the participation of Masters Hockey and we will encourage all our past players to pick up the stick again and perhaps even urge new players to pick up the sport no matter how old they are," he added.
In order to continue the growth of Masters Hockey around the world, WMH will be working towards opening up new opportunities for players and officials from various countries. (ANI)