‘Higher prices of mustard, sunflower, are agri laws really black?’

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, June 4
Haryana’s famous IAS officer Dr. Ashok Khemka, who is often in controversies and has an outspoken opinion by tweeting, has tweeted again. This time Khemka has supported 3 agricultural laws of the Central Government and raised questions on the opposition to these laws. This time, he has asked the farmers by referring to the higher prices of mustard and sunflower, are the agricultural laws really black? Famous IAS Ashok Khemka made several tweets one after the other in support of the three agricultural laws of the Center In a tweet, Khemka has asked those opposing these laws, after all, what is black in these laws, saying that farmers will get good prices for mustard and sunflower in the open market this time? He has written in the tweet – Farmers got better price of mustard and sunflower this time in the market. Are the laws really black? Let us inform that people of adjoining states including Haryana and Punjab have been agitating for the last six months against the three agricultural laws. Although there is a factionalism in the farmers’ organizations, but still the movement is going on, right from political interference. This time the mustard of farmers is being sold for seven to seven and a half thousand rupees a quintal, while sunflower is being sold for up to Rs 6500 a quintal. Ashok Khemka said through a tweet that this year farmers have got better price of mustard outside the government market. In Haryana state, farmers sold only 25 lakh quintals of mustard this time in government mandis. Almost double that means 50 lakh quintals of farmers have sold outside the market in the open market. Khemka questioned whether the new agricultural laws are really black in spite of this being so? After this tweet by Khemka, there were many reactions in favor and against it. Agriculture expert Devendra Sharma, in response to the tweet, said that farmers did not get higher prices for mustard and sunflower crops due to three agricultural laws. This is the effect of rising oil prices in the international market. Ashok Khemka did not agree with the opinion of Devendra Sharma. He replied by tweeting to Devendra Sharma that he would have got better price outside the mandi, that is why farmers have sold mustard and sunflower outside the market this time. It is only a matter of whether the farmer can get a higher rate in the open market than the government market or not. Khemka again asked the question that tell me, if there is any other reason then answer.

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