Hema Malini’s Instagram messages are slowing going from ‘Seeta’ to ‘Geeta’ mode

A still from the video shared by veteran actor Hema Malini (Image courtesy: Instagram)

New Delhi [India], April 19 (ANI): Seems like the evergreen actor Hema Malini's Instagram messages are slowing going from 'Seeta' to 'Geeta' mode! While on Saturday, she shared a video condemning the attacks on doctors and medical practitioners, today the veteran actor looked annoyed with the people who are violating the government-imposed lockdown in a view to curb the coronavirus spread.
The 71-year-old actor, on Sunday, took to social media platform to urge a "few citizens of India" to "kindly stay at home" and to only step out "unless it's an emergency."
In a video message shared on Instagram, the 'Sholay' actor is seen pointing out those people, who still, during the second-phase of lockdown, are going out of their homes "unnecessarily."

"They are putting themselves in trouble, also, meanwhile making a way for the spread of coronavirus. Later, such actions by them can make the lockdown extention go further," the actor said.
The actor, in the one-minute-long video seemingly annoyed with such people, questioned about the consequences for their careless actions and later urged them to stay at home. The seasoned actor concluded the video with a humble request.
"I humbly request everyone of you to stay back at home, for yourselves, for your dear ones, and for your country."
"This is my humble request to a few citizens of India, kindly stay home and please don't step out unless it's an emergency. Please think about those people who are abiding by the law and staying home during this lockdown. Your callousness is causing us an extension of lockdown. We need to maintain social distancing and be careful. Please hear me out, it's my humble request... #Stayhome #homequarantine #staysafe," she captioned the post.
The 'Dream Girl' actor has never been a silent spectator during these trying times, and has used the social media platforms to raise awareness, and also voiced the importance to stay at home during the coronavirus crises.
On Saturday, the actor through a video message, condemned the attack on doctors and medical practitioners and urged the administration to take strict action against the attackers.
She spoke of the doctors and medical practitioners and said, "Corona warriors are helping us in such difficult circumstances. The people attacking the doctors, police officials and media professionals should be taught a lesson."
Malini further said, "Remember, if corona warriors exist, life exists. She then requested the administration to take strict action against the attackers.
Meanwhile, India's tally of COVID-19 cases has climbed to 15,712, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Sunday. (ANI)

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