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Has WhatsApp Lost Its Way With The New Privacy Policy, In India

The Fact News Service,
May 26,
WhatsApp really set the cat amongst the pigeons at the turn of the year, when the new privacy policy and terms of use were unveiled. It was pretty much an optionally mandatory opt-in, so to say. You either accept or you’ll have to exit the app. Among the many clarifications and updates in the new privacy policy and terms of use, which Whatsapp simply calls “update”, the Facebook-owned app details how WhatsApp’s service handles your data as well as how WhatsApp partners with the larger Facebook platform to allow integrations across multiple apps, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Three large buckets under which the new terms have been categorized. How businesses can manage their chats using Facebook tools, more information about how your WhatsApp data is processed, and illustrations of how that data ties in with the larger Facebook app ecosystem requirements called “how we work with Facebook”. The latest is that WhatsApp will not be limiting the functionality of the app for users who do not accept the new privacy policy and terms of service. WhatsApp now believes that this status quo shall be maintained till the data protection law comes into effect in India.   WhatsApp has been very clear in saying that for any user who doesn’t accept these terms of service, they’ll first be sent persistent reminders post which, functionality shall start getting blocked this included restricting access to your chats on WhatsApp and eventually calls as well. While India has been persistently pushing back against the new privacy policy, the German regulators have since banned the implementation of this policy and that’s something the European Union (EU) is also reported to be considering. Source:(Internet)

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