Haryana has 5,000 MW surplus power: Minister

Chandigarh, November 19

Power Minister Ranjit Singh said there was no shortage of power in the state and adequate electricity was being provided to all small and large-scale industries.

The minister said there was 5,000 MW of surplus power available in the state. The thermal power plants of Haryana were producing about 2,510 MW of power, out of which about 1,700 MW was being used. If production in the thermal power plants was to halt due to air pollution, even then there would be no power crisis in the state, he claimed.

The minister said at present, the state government had 12,000 MW of power available. While up to 7,000 MW of power was being used per day at most in the state, even then the state had 5,000 MW of surplus power. There was sufficient power availability in the state. Even in summers, when the demand for power was at its peak, the state government provided adequate power supply to all consumers, while long power cuts were imposed in neighbouring states.