Haryana government decides to insure nine crops in the year 2021 under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

The Fact News Service,
Panchkula, May 29,
Under this scheme, farmers will have to pay an insurance premium of Rs 713.99 per acre for paddy, Rs 356.99 for maize, Rs 335.99 for bajra, and Rs 1732.50 per acre for cotton under this scheme in the Kharif season. In Rabi crops, farmers will have to pay a premium of Rs 409.50 per acre for wheat, Rs 267.75 for barley, Rs 204.75 for gram, Rs 275.63 for mustard, and Rs 267.75 per acre to ensure sunflower crops. Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister JP Dalal said that the sum insured of the crop is Rs 35 thousand 699.78 for paddy, Rs 17 thousand 849.89 for maize, Rs 16 thousand 799.33 for millet, and Rs 34 thousand 650.02 per acre for cotton. The sum insured for wheat was fixed at Rs 27 thousand 300.12, for barley Rs 17 thousand 849.89, for chickpea Rs 13 thousand 650.06, for mustard Rs 18 thousand 375.17, and for sunflower crop, the sum assured was Rs 17 thousand 849.89.  JP Dalal clarified that the scheme is voluntary for all farmers. Therefore, if the loanee farmers do not want to join this scheme, then they can get out of the scheme by applying in writing to their banks till July 24. If the indebted farmers do not apply to their bank to get out of the scheme to the extent prescribed, then the bank itself will be authorized or obliged to insure the crops of the farmer.

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