Gurdas Mann gets emotional on reality show ‘Indian Pro Music League’

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, April 3
Famous actor and singer of Punjabi film industry Gurdas Mann recently went to a Tv show. He was the special guest on the show, where he shared many special and interesting things of his life with his fans. Some videos of the reality show are going viral on social media platforms, where he can be seen crying. In fact, in the upcoming episode of show, the team will give a duet performance with contestant on ‘Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai’ and a Punjabi song. The performance of the contestant is so amazing that Gurdas Mann gets emotional at first and then hugs the contestant. Then they start crying. Not only this, but Gurdas Mann also touches the feet of that competitor. Let it be known that this video of Gurdas Mann is going viral on social media. People are also liking this video a lot. Arriving at the show, Mika Singh shared an anecdote that he and Gurdas Mann had traveled by train from Delhi to Chandigarh (without tickets) to attend a function. “I was on a flight to Chandigarh to attend a function but the plane could not land in Chandigarh due to heavy fog that day,” Mika Singh said. So he was diverted directly to Delhi. “Then we decided to go to Chandigarh by train,” he said. Gurdas Mann asked me if you have a ticket? I said no but we will do something. We reached the station and boarded the train without a ticket. So we traveled to Chandigarh without a ticket, which was quite a thrill.