Government to give Rs. 10,000  as an incentive to farmer adopting  Agro Forestry for 3 years

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, June 5
Manohar Lal said that Mera Pani-Meri Virasat  scheme was started by the state government to save water for the future generations. He said that for this, it was decided that an incentive amount of Rs.7000 per acre would be given to the farmers adopting crop diversification in place of paddy and now the government has decided that any farmer who opts for  Agro forestry and plants  400 trees on his land, then an amount of Rs.10,000 would be given to such farmers for a period of three years instead of Rs. 7000. He said that it is necessary to save the trees, for this, such people who take care of the trees should be honoured. Manohar Lal said that ‘Pranvayu Devta Pension’ scheme will be unique and the first of its kind in India. As a matter of honour, the State Government has taken an initiative to honour all those trees which are of the age of 75 years and above and have served humanity throughout their life by producing oxygen, reducing pollution, providing shade and so on.  Such trees will be identified throughout the state and these will be looked after by involving local people in this scheme. The Chief Minister said, “We get pure air from the environment which  benefits the entire humanity.  For this, Oxy Forests will be planted on land ranging from 5 acres to 100 acres in the cities of Haryana”. He said that it was on June 5, 1974 when the  Environment Day was first  celebrated.  A scheme named Paudhagiri was also started by the Haryana government to promote plantation.  Under this scheme 22 lakh people planted various  saplings.  Under this scheme students were included and it was decided to give an amount of Rs. 50 every six months up to a period of three years to students as incentive for the maintenance of the plants planted by them. The Chief Minister  said that after planting the trees every  person should take care of them like a child of their family so that they remain in healthy condition. On the occasion of World Environment Day  the theme of which is “Ecosystem-Restoration”, Sh. Manohar Lal said that in view of the COVID pandemic crisis and there is urgent need to establish more and more nature’s factories for the production of life saving oxygen, so that we breathe in fresh oxygen, live in a pollution free environment and lead a healthy life. He said that as a gift  to the residents of Panchkula town, Oxy Van Panchkula will be established in Bir Ghaggar over an area of one hundred acres to create Mother Nature’s green lungs so that the residents of Panchkula can breathe in fresh oxygen. The total cost of this project will be Rs One crore. The Chief Minister said that the Oxy Van, Karnal will be created on Old Badshahi Canal (Also known as Mughal Canal) on an area of 80 acres covering a total length of 4.2 Kms. The park will have components namely: Chit Van (Forest of beauty),  Paakhi Van (Forest of birds), Antriksh Van (Forest of zodiac plants), Tapo Van (Forest of meditation), Arogya Van (Healing/herbal forest), Neer Van (Forest of waterfalls), Rishi Van (Sapt Rishi) Panchvati (Five trees), Smaran Van (Forest of memories), Sugandh Suvaas/Sugandh  Van and (Forest of fragrance). Besides, the park will also have an information centre and a souvenir shop where the information related to the park, its components will be available, the people will also be able to buy plants at subsidized rates related to their Rashi to grow in their homesteads. One amphitheatre will be constructed where artists can perform for the entertainment of the public. Light and sound show will be shown to the visitors covering various aspects of this Oxy Van. Oxy Van Karnal will be a unique gift to the people of Karnal from Chief Minister. The total cost of the project is Rs Five crore and it will be a joint venture of Haryana Forest Department, Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Municipal Committee, Karnal. The Panchvati has cultural, mythological, and environmental significance. Panchvati literally means five trees. These trees are Banyan/Barh/ Bargad, Sacred Fig/Peepal, Stone apple (Bilwa/Bil), Aonla, Sita Ashok.  Besides mythological significance, these trees provide a lot of ecological and environmental benefits.

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