Government issues new vaccination SOPs for students and professionals going abroad

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, June 8
The Union Government has issued new guidelines for vaccination for teams and support staff going to the Tokyo Olympic Games along with education and work. The new SOP of the Central Government will make it easier for those going abroad to study, for employment to travel. The health ministry has written to the states asking them to give the second dose of Covishield before the expiry of 84 days if needed. With the government’s new SOPs, Covishield’s second dose will no longer require any student, professional or athlete to postpone their scheduled trip abroad. They will now be able to take the second dose only after 28 days instead of 84 days. The passports of such travelers will be attached to the Covin Certificates. In the latest SOP sent to the state government, the Union Ministry of Health has asked to appoint a competent officer in each district for vaccination of education, working professionals and Olympic athletes along with their support staff and other officials decide on a timeline for the second dose. Let me tell you that in May 2021, the duration of the second dose of Covishield was suddenly increased from 42 days to 84 days. According to the Ministry of Health, these people will now be able to meet the competent authority of the district with their passports and documents and he will arrange a second dose for them after the expiry of 28 days. In case of issuance of passport as identification, a vaccine certificate will be issued along with the passport number. If the passport is not issued at the time of the first dose, the vaccine certificate will be issued after the second dose along with the passport number. However, Covishield is on the WHO’s list of corona vaccines, so only Covishield will be able to write on the certificate. In most countries of the world, entry of people without the corona vaccine is banned. In such cases it is important to get vaccinated against Covishield. Covishield and Covaxin vaccines are still available in India. This includes Covaxin vaccinators having difficulty traveling abroad. This is because the vaccine is not yet on the WHO’s list of emergency uses.

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