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Garland worth Rs 44444444.44 offered to Goddess Kanyaka Parameshwari in Telangana

Telangana, October 12

In Mahabubnagar town of Telangana, the local business community (Arya Vyshya Sangham) pooled in currency notes with value of Rs 4,44,44,444.44 (four crores, forty-four lakhs, 44 thousand, 444 rupees and 44 paise) and used the same to garland Goddess Kanyaka Parameshwari.

Also, the currency was used to decorate entire temple on fifth day of Navaratri, yesterday on October 10, as part of “Mahalakshmi avatar.”

Interestingly, only currency of RS 500, RS 100, RS 20 denomination were used.

However, in the night the entire money was given back to all those who had contributed respectively.

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