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From morning walks to family visit, Punjab receives bizarre curfew pass requests

Residents of Punjab and Chandigarh have reportedly been sending odd reasons for curfew passes from the authorities. Ranging from morning walks to visiting their maternal family, the authorities are dealing with all sorts of frivolous requests.

The curfew has made Punjab administration for multiple things, including door-to-door delivery of essentials and keeping discipline in the city. Amidst this, people are sending requests for curfew passes to take their dogs for a walk.

“People have been coming up with funny requests for curfew passes. One such request was from a Chandigarh resident, living in a flat, who sought a pass for taking the dog outside. Another request was for calling a barber at home for a haircut because shops are closed,” a senior official of Chandigarh Administration said.

Similar requests are reported from Mohali district as well, where people are asking for curfew passes to go on morning walks, saying that skipping the walk is affecting their immunity. Another request came in from a person who wanted to visit his maternal family.

So far, the SDM office in Punjab’s Kharar only has received over 2,000 calls asking for curfew passes. Even after the government’s directions to request a pass only under a ‘genuine’ emergency, people are continuously calling for hysterical reasons.

The situation in Punjab is already intensifying as the authorities are struggling to keep people indoors as well as track the thousands of NRIs that arrived in the state, earlier in March.