Friends’ famed character roped in by Mumbai Police, read to know how

The Fact News Service

January 13: Have you been a fan of the epic series Friends? If yes, do not miss Mumbai Police’s new post on Twitter. Mumbai Police shared a post to spread awareness on noise pollution and it contains several references from the 1994 American television sitcom. It features Ross, Joey and Chandler to begin with. So, of course, you will love it.

Mumbai Police, in their new post on Twitter, roped in David Schwimmer’s Ross to spread awareness on noise pollution. Their post includes a GIF from a scene of the seventh episode of the fifth season of Friends – The One Where Ross Moves In.

In the particular scene, Ross enters a room where Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) are seen playing foosball, and signals the boys to keep the volume down. Well, that’s not just Ross’s message to Chandler and Joey but also for those who honk on the streets unnecessarily.

“Take a ‘break’ from unnecessarily honking on the roads. #PivotFromNoisePollution #RoadSafety #RoadSafetyWeek,” Mumbai Police said in the caption of their post.

The words “break” and “pivot” that Mumbai Police used in their post are also a part of Ross’s vocabulary.