Five-feet-tall moveable telescope made from chocolate leaves netizens baffled

The Fact News Service

October 1

As per a report in The Indian Express Not too long ago, a video of a chef cutting seemingly realistic objects, only to reveal that they are in fact cakes, had netizens jokingly asking existential questions: Is everything cake ‘ This time, a pastry chef from Las Vegas has impressed people with his skills after he created a telescope with chocolate.

A video, shared by Amaury Guichon on his social media account, shows the chef making a five-foot-tall telescope with chocolate. “This may be the most technical chocolate creation I have ever made, so many details went into this,” read the caption of the clip, which has now gone viral on several social media platforms.

Since being shared online, the video has garnered over two million views, with many complimenting Guichon’s creation. “Absolutely amazing the detailing if I walk past it I would think it was a real telescope very very impressive!!” read one of the many comments on the viral post.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)