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First private covid-19 test lab opened at Faridkot

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Faridkot, September 15

In order to facilitate the services to the general public, the covid-19 tests at government rates will now be available at just Rs. 250 only. This information was provided by senior medical officer Dr. Chandra Shekhar and Deputy Medical Commissioner Dr. Kuldeep Dhir after inaugurating Anjali Labs JMJK in front of Guru Gobind Singh Medical College.

He said that this was the first private lab in the district which was sanctioned by the district administration. Dr. Chandra Shekhar said that the target was to open 12 such labs in the district. The application of 5 in Faridkot, 5 in Kotkapura, 2 in Jaito, and one in Sadiq town are also under consideration. He said that this was a great facility for the people who could not go for the test at the government flu corner set up by the health department for any reason. He said that the reliability of these labs was the same as the test reports of government hospitals.

This is a very good initiative that will reduce the congestion in the government hospitals and there will be e-reporting as per the guidelines of the government and it will work accordingly. He said that these labs would be bound to follow the government rules and collect the reports of old kits at the time of issue of kits and report of positive cases in the evening.

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