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Ferozepur: Unclaimed 8 mobiles found from inside jail

The Fact News Service
Ferozepur, September 12

During a surprise checking by Assistant Superintendent, Gurbhej Singh, 8 mobiles have been recovered from the packet lying in Langar Hall. In total, 177 mobiles including today’s recovery, have been recovered, during this year, from inside the jail on different raids conducted or thrown from outside or dumped on the ground.

With the frequent recovery of mobiles from inside the jail, has put a question mark on the security arrangements at the entry points. Moreso, the purpose of keeping the criminals away from the outside world as punishment is also lost. The mobiles provide inmates the ability to make and receive unauthorized phone calls, send email and text messages, use social media and follow news pertaining to their case among other forbidden uses.

As per information, two packets have been found from the Langar Hall during checking and on opening four mobiles were found in one of the packet – one Nokia, three Samsung with battery but without SIM cards and two mobiles of Samsung brand with two black colour chargers while in the other pack, two mobiles of Redmi touch screen without SIM cards were found.

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