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Fell in well while rescuing his cat, Chennai man saved by his dogs

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June 13

Who said that you can only be a cat person or a dog person why not pet both at the same time? Well, a man from Aminjikarai proves that you can pet both at the same time and be happy and sound. PN Tyres, an 80-year-old man got into trouble as he attempted to one of his pets while he was saved by the other one. On Wednesday, his cat fell in a deep well after which he attempted to save the cat but unfortunately fell in the same well in the process.

He tried to instruct the cat as he tied a ladder to a rope but accidentally he slipped himself while pulling the ladder out. Afterward, his pet dogs entered the scene like heroes to save their master. Seeing him inside the well, the animals started barking loudly. One of the dogs even went to the apartment nearby where Tyres’ son resides and alerted him.

Soon after, the fire and the rescue services personnel rushed to the spot to help the stuck. The fire personnel from Kilpauk quoted that the well had only 3-feet water and the team rescued them immediately.

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