Federation of private school welfare association appeals to govt to reconsider order to close schools by April 30

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, April 13
The Haryana government has issued instructions to close private schools till April 30 and the school education department has issued strict action orders against the private schools violating the government order as well as letters. In Haryana, the process of enrollment in schools has started at present and private schools have been closed for the last one year. Holidays have been declared in schools from April to April 30 due to the growing influence of Corona. State President of Federation of Private Schools Welfare Association Kalbhushan Sharma says that the situation in Corona in Haryana is not so dire that holiday orders have been issued to all schools in the state if the parents of the students agree to send the students to school. The government should have no problem in opening schools with the permission of the parents as the parents of most of the students are in favor of opening the schools, the parents also say. If the federation raises the voice of the interests of the schools to open the schools, then the federation, as well as the parents, are ready to go to jail. Parents say that when the entire state is open, there are no restrictions on cricket matches and political rallies, etc., with all kinds of means running on the railway bus, then why the schools are being closed, a proper guideline for the schools. Students can be saved from the outbreak of Covid-19 by making it. At the same time, the government should continue the work of education in schools by making it the standard of offline or online education so that students can have stunted mental development, parents say. That children have become irritable and stubborn due to changes in temperament due to school holidays. The federation requests the government to return the pledge money to the schools to deal with the financial crisis caused by the epidemic so that the school can pay salaries to its teachers and other staff in this crisis as well as for the school buses which have not run for two years. Issue a guideline to the Department of Transport to give some relief to the closed school bus and extend the life cycle of school buses for two years and announce an unemployment allowance of Rs. 3000 to the unemployed bus drivers till the epidemic. The effect does not diminish like the Telangana government for the teaching and non-teaching staff of private schools in Haryana with relief like Rs. 2000 and 25 kg of rice along with other relief packages should also be released for the benefit of schools. Also for the parents whose annual income is less than Rs. 2.50 lakhs, the government should make a policy and provide relief so that the parents can pay the school fees. Other members of the Federation of Private School Welfare Association Baldev Saini Varun Jain, General Secretary of the Federation were also present on the occasion.

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