Fazilka: BKU takes out rally on tractors, surround the residence of former Health Minister Surjit kumar after his statement against farmers protest

Avtar Singh

Fazilka, January 14

Farmers across Punjab are showing anger over the ongoing farmers’ movement in Delhi and even after the Supreme Court decision, farmers are looking indignant. On the other hand, farmers are angry with the statements of former Punjab Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani. Hundreds of tractors surrounded his house today in which the people of Sanjha Morcha Kisan Union brought tractors from different villages and staged a fury rally on tractors across the city of Fazilka and tractors to surround Surjit Kumar Jyani’s ancestral village Kathara. It turned out that the number of tractors was such that there were long lines of tractors till late evening to reach the front of Surjit Kumar Jyani’s house in Kathara.

The same aggrieved farmers while talking to the media said that where we had given so much value to Surjit Kumar Jyani before, we had weighed Surjit Kumar Jyani with laddu and now their statements are coming against the farmers.

Farmers from all over Fazilka district are besieging their houses in indignation and on January 26, where we will hoist the farmer’s flag on the Red Fort, we will return only after repealing the farming bill law.